My approach 

I am trying to find for everyone his own personal style and not to stick to just one template. If your golf play is not good or someone spoiled the joy of it, maybe it is good to hear a different opinion. My collaboration with Martin Kaymer's coach Brent Stewart gave me a lot of new knowledge about the golf swing, and I have also benefited from fruitful consultations with prof. Čihák - a biomechanics expert at the Charles University in Prague.

I am also interested in teaching golf after a variety of injuries and illnesses - as diseases of the spine, joints, Bechterew's disease, etc., where I am using the knowledge and experience of my rehabilitation practice and seminars which I have attended among other.

Golf is also a game, in which people of various professions encounters and establish new friendships.

The lessons can be carried in English or German language.

We are also organizing a small tournaments where novice players can gain experience and support from the more advanced ones.

Price list

The price of one lesson for 2012 is 1000 Kč and has a duration of 50 min.

Please kindly note that any lessons cancellation must be arranged 24 hours prior to its beginning, otherwise the lesson has to be paid.