My motto is "I teach ordinary people" which means that you will not find just athletes among my students, but people of all ages, in business assignments and even with potential light health afflictions. In my golf trainer career, I have been using the experience from other sports (ski racing, professional tennis, horseback riding and sailing). Thanks to my longterm practice, I know that golf is truly a sport anyone can learn and it provides long-term pleasure both for the young and senior. According to my observations and objective research it has the ability to extend the life of at least 10 years.
My philosophy is that "Patience and diligence is the key to success and this game has more than one face - not just that one from the TV. Even players with HCP 36 can be good golfers with whom everyone likes to play."

I have new website
I have a new website! The new site is mainly focused to offer not only information about me and my philosophy of teaching golf but also news and all the important stuff and information about golf events - and I shall therefore try to keep it constantly updated. MORE
The probability that a golfer scores two hole-in-one in one round is not too large. When training on AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach it happened to Swede Daniel Chopra. MORE