About me

Born 20.12.1960 in Prague.


  • Sports High School Přípotoční in Prague
  • School of rehabilitation Alšovo nábřeží
  • Six years of practice Ortopedics clinic na Bulovce, department of sport medicine
  • Since 1992 member of PGA Czech republic, since 1995 member of PGA of Germany Traner lic. B and C.
  • Attended seminars with Mike Adams Vivien Sanders. Martin Hasenbain (trainer of Germany national team), Lucian Kubernat (biomechanics)
  • 2007 Praxis der praventiven und leeistungsoptimirende n Golfmedicin

I play golf since 1986 under the leading of Karel Hynek and Jiří Zavazal  - member of national team of the Czech republic
Champion of the Czech republic 1991 hole game

Since 1993 GC Weserbergland, Golf Club Mettmann, GC Juliana Wuppertal and 6 years GC Haan Dusseltal Dusseldorf.

After fifteen years working in Germany since 2007, I train golf in GC Hodkovičky.

Physical preparation is also needed for the good performance, therefore i cooperate with golf fitness Norman's fitness.

I am using modern computer applications, video etc. during the golf lessons.